Jeff Leifer is a strategist, social entrepreneur and leading reformer with over 30 years experience at the intersection of technology, finance, and whole person development.




Jeff recently launched Circadian Media Lab (CML), a values-driven strategic consultancy and interactive media company that frames scalable, transformational stories across the digital landscape.

Prior to launching CML, Jeff thrived in the world of finance, pioneering issuer reforms to safeguard taxpayers before establishing his own investment banking firm. Jeff spent the next decade working with local governments to increase transparency and fortify public finance accountability before his firm was acquired by a large commercial bank.

Having recognized the emerging alliance between technology, design and web applications, Jeff formed a boutique venture advisory firm (Sustainable Capital Group), providing resources and strategic mentoring to high-tech start-ups.

Jeffʼs passions have drawn him all over the world in connection with global initiatives, working alongside internationally recognized dissidents such as Andrei Sakharov, negotiating nuclear non-proliferation accords as a State Department liaison, and helping to develop new international markets. The latter, as a visiting teacher to Brazilʼs leading business school (Fundação Getúlio Vargas), grew out of his work with indigenous peoples in an ongoing effort to preserve the Amazon rainforest.

Advancing his belief that young leaders play a pivotal role in determining the direction and impact of emerging technologies, Jeff created International Student Pugwash (ISP) while still an undergraduate in college.

More recently, Jeff created the Interchange Leadership Initiative on Technology and Sustainability, and has been a guest lecturer at Stanford Business School, Yale School of Management and University of California, among others. He has continued to serve on the boards of non-profits committed to the environment, arts and meaningful change in the culture. Previously, Jeff served on the board of Harvard Divinity Schoolʼs Business Leadership Program on Public Values working alongside storied iconoclasts from Norman Lear to Cornel West and co-founded the Southern California branch of Business for Social Responsibility.

Jeff holds an MBA from Yale University and a bachelorʼs from University of California, San Diego.